Case and Conclusion of my GPS Logger - for Now

Jan. 30, 2018 | tags: GPS

As I wrote at the beginning, I started my own GPS logger development for the following motivations. I put marks for my currently developed GPS logger.

Motivation Mark Comment
Easier log extraction GPS log is now a regular file!
QZSS support Only 1 of 4 satellites supported.
Much larger log memory ✓✓ Modern SD card sizes are virtually infinite for GPS log.
More compact than smartphone ? Compact but still larger than M-241.
Longer battery life than smartphone Lasts for a whole day while logging every second.

As you can see, there are two points to improve: QZSS support and physical size.

Consideration on QZSS Support

I looked for other GPS receiving modules for QZSS support. However, I cannot find anything other than the current one (Global Top PA6H).

Maybe I could develop receiving module from bare-bone receiving chips like MT3339 or ublox 6. But considering that my current logger captures as many satellites as 8 or 9, which is well above required to get position fix, it is not worth trying.

Someday, when companies like Adafruit or SparkFun releases newer GPS receiving module, I would consider to replace.

Consideration on Physical Size

Flat GPS logger in case
My own GPS logger!!

As you can clearly see, the current green pill case is quite roomy for my GPS logger. I considered two options for smaller case as below.

  1. 3D printing original case.
  2. Searching smaller case.

For option 1, the biggest barrier is 3D modeling. I have no experience in 3D CAD. I tried FreeCAD just for a while and found 3D CAD is way too difficult and time consuming.

For option 2, there is a great case manufacturer Takachi here in Japan. See its home page for very wide variety of cases. I looked through its PDF catalog, but surprisingly, the best one is almost same in size as the current green case.

Also, I found that the current case isn't too big if I can put it in a bag.

Conclusion for Now

I will conclude the development with big satisfaction. I may rewire with shorter cables.