iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows

You will use "iPhone Configuration Utility" to install and test iOS application under development. The utility is available both on Macintosh and Windows, but not much information is found for Windows.

Followings are two lessons I learned through some trials and errors.

I used iPhone Configuration Utility Ver. for Windows on 64bit Windows7 (English).

Install iTunes on the Same PC

If your iPhone does not appear in the "DEVICES" section of iPhone Configuration Utility when you connect it, install iTunes on the same PC.

Once you start iTunes and connect the device, iTunes Configuration Utility will show it correctly.

Unzip ipa File beforehand

If you see "The folder xxx is not a valid mobile application" error dialog when you add an application to "LIBRARY"'s "Applications" area, unzip the ipa file beforehand.

An ipa file is actually a zip file. Use any zip utility to unzip it. If you choose folder with ".app" extention in iPhone Configuration Utility, it will be added to the list.