GPSBabel xcsv style file for GPSLogger for Android CSV

Mar. 16, 2018 | tags: GPS

Although I have developed my own GPS logger, I don't carry it everyday. Instead, I take GPS log with Android smart phone. I use GPSLogger for Android, which is very convenient to take everyday logs casually with its auto-start ability and battery saving design.

It supports various GPS log formats, but only CSV can be read without closing the log. Other formats than CSV require explicit closing mark at the end of file to be valid files.

However, this CSV format doesn't follow any well-known GPS track CSV.

So, I wrote style file for GPSBabel to convert this CSV into GPX and other formats. You can convert this CSV to GPX with the following command line.

gpsbabel -i xcsv, -f INPUT.csv -o gpx -F OUTPUT.gpx

Save the file below as or whatever name on your PC. Note that the style is not so fully tested other than time, lat and long fields.